Radical Kindness Warrior Pt. 2

Incivility is Not Cool

The Worldwide Cruelty is Not Cool Campaign is gaining momentum.  For now I’m gathering people through this newsletter, but soon I will have a site devoted to this movement.

The time is ripe!  The world is ripe for change. I’m hearing about all kinds of campaigns to stop cruelty and increase kindness.  Here is a song I wrote to help you remember to keep on keeping on:  The World is Ripe for Change.

I’m adding humor and humility to the movement.  We have all been bullied and we have all bullied others.  Shaming people does not help them change.  If we think of someone as our enemy, our wish is granted.

When we unmask cruelty and hatefulness, we will always find a wound.  Always.  We must tend to our own wounds so we do not hurt others, and we must listen deeply to others to help heal their wounds. That is how we break the cycle of pain.

We must do this with kindness and firmness.  Respect, a tender respect, is essential at all times.  Easy to do?  Nope, just essential if we are to start solving our problems and stop calling each other names.

Incivility is Not Cool

Hate is cruel and cruelty is not cool; therefore, hate is not cool either.

It’s logic.  Look it up.

Imagine this:

You are at some political gathering.  One of the speakers calls the other speaker a name, or speaks with contempt, or is hateful in any way.  The politician may be on the same side as you are, fighting for what you deeply believe.

Still, because you believe cruelty is not cool and incivility is a form of cruelty, you start singing “Happy Birthday.”

The entire crowd joins in.  Reporters are stunned. What is going on?  Why are all these people, Democrats, Republicans, and Anarchists, singing “Happy Birthday?”

You are seeing Radical Kindness Warriors at play for civility.  They are demanding it with a smile and a song.

Eureka!  The world is transformed in an instant!  The politicians start actually listening instead of yelling at each other.  Common ground is sought and found.  Creative solutions are hatched before our very eyes.

Want to add your ideas to the campaign?  Send me an email or share this with your friends.

Still getting a little braver every day