Spiritual Alignment through Music and Humor

Blue Angel-2

“The reason angels are able to fly is because they take themselves so lightly.”  ~Anonymous


What if we all have an Angel Committee, a group of spirits with a playful sense of humor?

What if our Angel Committee is in charge of waking us up to the truth of our purpose in this world?

What would happen to your life, to your ability to step boldly into your gifts, if you communicated with your Angel Committee every day?

How can we embrace our humanity and stay in touch with our divinity every day?

Vicki’s Specialty:  Rekindling the spirit of Hope Spirit of Hope

Your Book of You

Your Book of You Your Book of You ▶ custom player


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Becoming a Joy Explosion

Courage to Mourn:  Your Presence is Often Enough

Your Shame is Not God Talking to You!
(SHAME:  Should Have Already Mastered Everything)