Private Coaching

Vicki uses her intuition, sense of humor and years of experience to help people become clear about where their vitality might be hiding, and what limiting belief is in the way.

Vicki is the most effective therapist or coach I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with plenty of them. And, she is a lot more fun.”   ~ A.G.

I’m very practical, I like to help people find that one place in the log jam that, with a little pressure, can get life moving again. ~Vicki

Unblock Your Creativity

Vicki’s experience as a drug and alcohol counselor, employee assistance counselor, alternative education specialist, author, singer/songwriter, international speaker, and artist has honed her ability to see into the heart of the matter quickly.

“We all have genius in us and it can drive us crazy until we surrender to our creative journey.  That’s why I say Follow Your bliss or It Will Stalk You.” ~Vicki

“Vicki is AWESOME! I’ve had the privilege of benefiting from her wisdom for years, both as a friend, and as a musical colleague. She is wonderful at getting to the core of things with kindness and laser-like precision, and at helping people look at the stories they tell themselves as they work on creating more intentional lives. !!”

~Suzannah Doyle

Former Personal Coaching Clients Include:

Architects, Authors, Engineers, Managers, Musicians, Social Workers, Teachers, Nurses, CEO’s, Artists, and University Coaches.

Vicki is amazing. I was ready to move out of being stuck, but I couldn’t see beyond myself. Without knowing much of my background she has shown me my gifts and how to practice using them authentically, playfully, and expansively. I am stronger, happier, looking toward the future and relishing the present. Her coaching is so good, I am not even sure I want to tell you, because I don’t want her to take on too many clients!  ~C.S.

Vicki Hannah Lein, with her passion, words and fearlessness, has taught me that my words have value, that everyone’s words have value.  It is not about being better than anyone else.  It is about being one’s best self and being willing to share yourself with others while witnessing them.  It is not about being better than the next, it is not about competition. It is about enjoying each other.” ~ D.J.

Request for Private Coaching

Selecting a therapist or coach is an important decision.  You and I will have to have an affinity for each other, a sense that we “get” each other. I am action oriented and can usually find a humorous way to deal with even the most challenging problems.  My sense of humor has helped me deal with losing my vision, dealing with the death of my beloved mother, and getting stuck for 24 hours on a hot train in India with three men I did not know and no air conditioning.  I’m committed to living a yummy life because feeling yucky sucks.  In fact, I’m writing a book with this very title.
It might help you to know that, as well as having a Master’s degree in counseling, I’ve worked as a drug alcohol counselor, employee assistance provider, elementary school counselor, and that I have a profound respect for the courage and support it takes to free ourselves from suffering and live more joyfully, more able to give and receive love.
I have three programs you may choose from:

  1.  Individual sessions, each session lasting 50 to 90 minutes =  $150/per session
  2.  3 Month session, once a week =  $1,595
  3.  6 Month session, once a week =  $2,795

Please help me understand how I might be able to help you by providing me with the following confidential information:

Private Coaching

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