Permission to

Vicki was told she couldn’t do mosaics because she couldn’t see. She was told she couldn’t paint, or sew or basically do ‘art’ other then sing and maybe play guitar. Well…. that didn’t go over very well with this gal. Her Nia teacher also teaches mosaics and when Vicki expressed delight at some of her work, she invited Vicki to take her class. “You mean I can do mosaics?” asked Vicki. “Well, of course you can, I’ll guide you.”

That opened up a new world for Vicki who has had the door to this form of expression slammed in her face numerous times. From mosaics to colorful 3-D relief ‘paintings’, Vicki is just spewing out beautiful, vibrant, vivid art!

“I am legally blind and I wanted to find a way to express myself artistically with my vision as it is.  I found it!  Fabric, glue, and bling allow me the joy to amuse myself, free myself from inner restrictions I was unaware of, and amaze myself and my friends.  Creating this art is the purist thing I do or have ever done.”    ~ Vicki