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“Vicki is an Old Soul.”  said the Dali Lama when he met Vicki in a former life.
Vicki Hannah Lein is a Creativity Outlet Mall

Listen to this testimonial from Asher College graduation in Sacramento. Vicki gave a keynote address and ‘Wowed’ the audience.

The Four Questions I Ask to Prepare to Dazzle Your Group:

Where are you?  Where do you want to go?  What is in the way?  How can we play with the problem and transform it into a creative solution?

Partial List of Topics

  • Charting Your Course with Hope, Courage, and Perseverance
  • Becoming a Radical Kindness Warrior:  Cruelty is Not Cool
  • Coping with Difficult People Without Becoming One of Them
  • Aging with Grace–If We Can Find Her

“Vicki’s sense of humor is attached to life and her songs are relevant. You come away from Vicki’s presentations with a good feeling and thoughts she shares keep popping into your mind for weeks afterward. A very good use of training time.” ~Twila Schell, VISTA Volunteer for Start Making A Reader Today (SMART)

Vicki knows how to get people to step out of their limiting beliefs, sing, yes sing, move their bodies, laugh at themselves, and feel more energetic, energized and motivated than they have felt in a long time. They are ready to be brave. They are ready to take action. They are ready to be creative and find new solutions to old, sticky problems.

“I love being early. You will never have to nag me to send you materials.  I also take pride in having a reputation of being low maintenance.  Even though I am legally blind, the only special help I need is with transportation because I don’t drive . I  will eat any color of M & M’s you serve me!  I am committed to you getting great evaluations from my presentation.”  ~ Vicki

Award-winning international speaker and educator, Vicki Hannah Lein, MS Counseling, brings her 30 years of experience as a teacher trainer, therapist , consultant, and international speaker to show your members how to find their best in the worst situations.. Using humor, original songs, interactive activities, Vicki will customize her talk to deliver your message in a way your members will find unforgettable.  Content-rich yet superbly entertaining, Vicki’s keynotes will  get your gathering off to a rousing start with customized songs and sketches and bring your event to an unforgettable close with a relevant recapping of your event.

Download and print Vicki’s Meeting Planner guide.

“The perfect blend of fiercely brave and courageously vulnerable, Vicki walks her talk. She is all about giving her readers, listeners, and audiences simple tools to immediately enhance their lives. Prescription strength and fast- acting, Vicki delivers!” ~ Deb Gauldin, RN, PMS World’s Funniest Singing Nurse, Global Speaker, and Cartoonist


Vicki Ignites your audience with a kickoff Opening Keynote

Vicki will get your event started with high energy and high on life, She will involve your participants and open hearts and minds. Audience members discover their inner resources of creativity and  willingness to change.  Whether the topic is grief and loss, improving the health and vitality of the workplace, or dealing with disabilities, Vicki’s message is always upbeat, personal, and customized for the occasion.

Embracing Your Genius – Are you like me?
An imperfectly Recovering Perfectionist?

Watch Vicki get everyone on their feet singing, as she teaches her song

Beauty Like a Rock    Beauty Like a Rock ▶ custom player

Closing Keynote, Recap and Wrap Up

After attending the entire conference, Vicki can close the event with stories and songs written especially for your attendees.  Since the songs and stories will be funny as well as poignant–your conference attendees will take your message home in their bodies.  You can record the closing keynote and give it to participants as a memento of this fabulous experience.

“I trust listening and being vulnerable.  The feeling of shame, which we all experience but rarely talk about, keeps us trapped in patterns of communication and behavior that don’t allow for spontaneity, creativity, or the magic of synchronicity.  Let’s pull back the curtain, find out who we really are and share honestly with others, and discover how amazingly strong and beautiful we are, just as we are.”   ~ Vicki

Download and print Vicki’s Meeting Planner guide.


Graduate level and Continuing Education credit available!

See what Finding the Funny Faster can be through these songs  – they are all 3 credit graduate courses in living:

For the Medical Community   – Find the Funny Faster:  audio-icon  Colonoscopy colonoscopy
▶ custom player
Facing Death with Dignity:  Advance Directive – Find the Funny Faster:  audio-icon  Advanced Directive Advance Directive ▶ custom player

Workplace Vitality:  Coping with Difficult People Without Becoming One of Them – Find the Funny Faster:  audio-icon  Crazymaker Crazymaker
▶ custom player
Women’s Health and Wellbeing  Do I Look Fat in This Dress?   How to Get Over Caring What Other People Think  – Find the funny faster:  music  Love Me Just As I Am Love Me Just As I Am
▶ custom player
Aging with Grace, Whoever She is – Do you feel little bugs crawling on your body?  Do you want to disembowel your mate?  – Find the funny faster:  audio-icon  Menopause Menopause ▶ custom player